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Google Maps

By using Google Maps, we are able to show where the next TourStop is and how to get there.

Audio Tours

Each TourStop can have an audio file play on the visitors phone. In the dashboard is a link to a platform that reads the paragraph by Ai. It's pretty good, or you could create an audio file yourself and upload the file. The play button will display on the mobile webpage that the visitor uses when they scan the qr code.

ChatGPT Integration

We offer an area where the curators can add text content in paragraph form. To assist in writing this content, we integrated ChatGPT into our dashboard. Just click onto the form and type in what the area of interest is. ChatGPT will go find the information for you. Edit and save... That's it!


In the Dashboard, there is a hit counter to tell the curator which TourStops are being used and how often. The numbers are broke down into days of the week and by the month for comparison.

Secure Payments

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World Insurance

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Full Coverage

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